The Child and Youth Committee, a multi-agency group which plans and acts in support of children and youth in Delta, will use $2,000, received from the Delta Foundation on September 17, 2019, to provide community-wide events like information fairs and workshops.
Representatives of social service agencies and other organizations in Delta collaborate through the Committee to promote and deliver accessible, high-quality prevention, intervention and support services for children and youth and their families, through an integrated service delivery approach.
Representatives of the Delta Child and Youth Committee receiving a grant of $2,000 from the Delta Foundation, at a September 17, 2019 presentation, were Delta Police Acting Inspector Ryan Hall (2nd left), Camille Netherton (3rd left) and Renie D’Aquila (5th left) of Reach Child and Youth Development Society, and Delta Police Sergeant Cathy Geddes (far right). Presenting the funds from the Delta Foundation were Richard Shantz (left), Walt Hayward (4th left) and Peter Roaf (2nd right).