February 3, 2021
New expanded board for Delta Foundation
Delta Foundation, the community foundation for Delta as the local “charity for charities”, announces its board of directors for 2021, following a recent annual general meeting.
“This much larger board, of 13 directors instead of six, with its experienced, talented leaders,” says Delta Foundation President Peter Roaf, “will enable us, as Delta’s community foundation in regional and national networks, to build and develop in new ways so that we can do more for our charities in Delta as they serve the people of this community.”
Emergency funding to more Delta charities for vulnerable populations
Another seven Delta charities, supporting populations more vulnerable than normal, during the the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, have received $76,370 in funding from the Delta Foundation through the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF), launched in early October.
This Round 2 of funding follows the original Round launched in the Spring when Delta Foundation granted $181,860 to eight Delta charities for vulnerable populations.
Making Christmas brighter for low income families in Delta
For more than 30 years low income families throughout Delta have been receiving hampers of food at Christmas time to give a hand up in making their festive season a little happier. There have been 650 families receiving these food hampers in recent time, thanks to food drives in Delta schools and to Deltassist, which runs the program with donations and volunteers from many Delta charities and non-profits.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic there are no school food drives. Nor is there the small army of volunteers packing and delivering door-to-door 1,200 to 1,500 boxes (two to three boxes of food per hamper depending upon the size of the family) with canned goods, dry goods like pasta, bread, cookies, fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, candy canes and a 5 to 7 kg. turkey.
Instead, the Tsawwassen Order of Old Bastards (TOOB) has received $17,000 in emergency funding from the Delta Foundation towards purchase of food gift cards for the 650 families.
Virtual support for Delta’s Stroke survivors
Stroke survivors need to access recovery programs beyond their initial rehabilitation period to ease the challenge of living with changes in their lives. In this period of pandemic restrictions, it’s essential to provide Stroke survivors, in the Speech Language Pathology Program, with the technology and confidence they need to access recovery programs online instead of in person.
With a total of $4,500 from the Delta Foundation, in part from emergency support funds from the Vancouver Foundation, Delta Stroke Recovery Society can move its in-person Speech Language Pathology Program online, by purchasing tablets and employing a Speech Language Pathologist Practitioner.
back to school packs for those in need
A Neighbourhood Small Grant recipient reported: Each year, my sister and I put together backpacks filled with school supplies and donate them to our former elementary school, Hellings Elementary, in North Delta, in hopes that it can be passed on to a student in need. With the ongoing pandemic, we recognize that many families in Delta may be experiencing financial hardships during this difficult time, therefore we decided to make our Back(pack) to School initiative bigger this year and include other elementary schools in our catchment.
People with developmental disabilities can continue to benefit in pandemic with care staff protective equipment
People with developmental disabilities can reach their full potential by living and belonging in their community with the help of Delta Community Living Society (DCLS), which facilitates community connections, family supports, employment opportunities, and supportive housing options with a commitment to life-long learning, choice and self-determination.
In providing this service, DCLS staff have had to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provide cleaning supplies to keep themselves and their clients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, amounting to an unanticipated and extraordinary expense.
Delta Foundation is providing $6,000 to DCLS so it can cover some of this increased expense during this community emergency in serving vulnerable populations so the charity can continue to provide the necessary supplies to its teams while continuing to offer vital services to people with developmental disabilities in our community.
Children and youth suffering from reduced community services can continue to benefit
The three Boys and Girls Clubs in Delta normally serve more than 150 children and youth per day in programs outside of school, but, with physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to close their facilities in March and have had their service reduced to serving only 43 per day. All the BGC clubs now have waitlists for available spaces, with not only revenues down, but staffing costs increased with higher staff-to-participant ratios for ensuring safety protocols with fewer volunteers to help.
Staff at the three BGC clubs have maintained contact with Club families via email, phone, and text, and started offering virtual programs in April and have provided grocery store gift cards for families who needed extra support.
With $16,000 in emergency funding during the pandemic from the Delta Foundation, BCC in Delta can continue to offer in-person and virtual after-school programming and day camps for kids aged 6-12 through the three local clubs.
Kids in need can eat so they can learn
When children and youth in low income families have sufficient food to eat at home, they can focus better on their learning and social skills. That benefits not only them and their families, it benefits their teachers and their schools.
South Delta Baptist Church, in Tsawwassen, runs a Starfish Pack Program for that purpose. Delta Foundation has granted $17,000 in emergency funding to the Church so it can continue with this project to make sure that kids are fed over the weekend so that they come to school on Mondays ready to learn. The mission of Starfish Pack is to love kids by providing them with nourishment.
Improving visiting for clients in residential care and their loved ones
Residents of long term care – among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic – and their visiting family and friends, at KinVillage in Ladner, will now be able to enjoy a safe, indoor visiting area with the support of $10,000 from the Delta Foundation.
A safe and pleasurable visiting opportunity for each KinVillage long term resident during the pandemic is aimed at the overall mental well-being of each frail person in overcoming the sense of isolation and loneliness through social connections with their significant others.
The new system being installed will allow residents and their family and friends to connect safely in person through a variety of ways including virtual visits, "glass-door visits" and "in-person/social visits" will support the emotional well-being of our vulnerable older adults and at the same time help meet some of the needs of their family/friends.
Donate to Delta
If you want to give back to our community now or leave a legacy gift for the future, we can help. Whether you're setting up a donor advised fund, field of interest fund, or donating to an existing fund we can help you create the kind of impact you want. 
Contact Richard Shantz for more information, 604-943-8110.

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Al Hollinger's estate keeps giving back to Delta community
Delta Fire Department is annually receiving the interest on one third of $300,000, the Delta Police Department a similar share and Delta School District every four years the interest on the third portion of that fund. These funds are a gift from the estate of the late Albert Hollinger, a Delta resident of many years who died at the age of 82 in 2015. More on Al Hollinger.
For the Police and Fire departments the funds will be used for training. For the Delta School District, a scholarship will be established to support a graduating Delta high school students pursuing post secondary education.
Albert Hollinger was a former police officer and an explosives and bomb disposal expert and he served for many years in the BC Corrections service, including B.C. Penitentiary.  He was an avid collector of military memorabilia, 50 motorcycles and unique bicycles. 
The Hollinger estate executor, Major (ret.) Reverend Jim Short, said,“I think the Delta Foundation, as did Al, is an excellent way for people to give back to the community, to make it stronger, in providing a trusted system to ensure your wishes are administered as a legacy at one time or on an ongoing basis.”

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