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Delta Foundation, the community foundation for Delta as the local “charity for charities”, announces its board of directors for 2021, following a recent annual general meeting.

“This much larger board, of 13 directors instead of six, with its experienced, talented leaders,” says Delta Foundation President Peter Roaf, “will enable us, as Delta’s community foundation in regional and national networks, to build and develop in new ways so that we can do more for our charities in Delta as they serve the people of this community.”

Elected to the board of directors are:

  • former corporate communication director and non-profit manager Peter Roaf, President;
  • community leader Carlene Lewall, Vice President;
  • former teacher and now ElderCollege Chair Guillermo Bustos, Secretary;
  • former investment firm senior manager Richard Shantz, Treasurer;
  • marketing and sales professional Susan Bains-Grewal;
  • local businessman and realtor Walt Hayward;
  • former MLA and Delta Councillor Vicki Huntington;
  • human resources management consultant Marion Janssen;
  • fundraising professional Don Livingston;
  • owner Delta Law Office Murray Lott;
  • former lawyer and now mediation consultant Ulf Ottho;
  • former financial management services consultant David Rushton;
  • marketing and communications as well as community leader and columnist Brad Sherwin.