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Working with Professionals

Working with professional advisors is vitally important to the success of the Delta Community Foundation, which is why we’re dedicated to making the creation of a charitable fund as simple and convenient as possible.

Our mission is to connect your client’s financial and philanthropic goals to Delta’s community needs while giving your client the flexibility to shape their charitable giving to meet their personal objectives.

While we have clearly written documentation that we’ll gladly supply to advisors, we suggest an even more simple approach.

Meet us for a coffee and a conversation, or reach out to us by telephone to discuss the options and resources we have available.

You’ll find us friendly, knowledgeable, approachable and, above all, respectful of your time.

You’ll also likely be impressed by our extremely cost-effective organization. Our low overhead means your client’s contributions will have the most impact possible.

Whether your client wants to help with an urgent need in our community, memorialize a loved one, or help in some other way, we have multiple giving options available.

We will advise on strategic giving, take care of the paperwork, and connect them with charitable organizations making a difference in Delta.

We are here to help. Please contact us.


Top 10 Benefits of Working with Professionals

Working with the Delta Community Foundation will benefit your clients, benefit you and benefit the community. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to work with us.

  1. Proper tax and estate planning helps clients reduce taxes and protect their wealth
  2. Clients feel advisors who incorporate philanthropy in planning have a more holistic strategic approach
  3. Discussing giving priorities and tax needs leads to a better understanding and relationship with clients
  4. Being known as an advisor who understands philanthropy increases your credibility and reputation
  5. Advisors who ask about giving priorities and goals are seen as having a deeper connection with clients.
  6. Advisors are seen as neutral partners and create a safe space for clients to discuss and consider gifts of assets and as part of an estate.
  7. An advisor who includes the philanthropic conversation is seen as less about cost and more about client benefit and impact.
  8. Advisors who talk about philanthropy as well as give and volunteer themselves are a much more attractive choice to prospective clients.
  9. Advisors who incorporate philanthropy in their practice have clients bring more assets into their book of business as a result.
  10. Advisors who are seen as philanthropic partners are more likely to be referred to high net-worth clients.

(Condensed from: Community Foundations of Canada Professional Advisors eResource)

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers.

We help your clients donate a variety of assets, including cash, appreciated publicly traded securities, life insurance, RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, and real estate. These can be assets they give now or later as part of their estate plans.

Q: Who leads this process?

A: We work as your partner. You stay in control of your client relationships – we’re here to help you provide a full range of services to your clients.

Q: How flexible are your services?

A: We are experts on charitable giving. Whether it’s setting up a less costly alternative to a private foundation or putting together a complicated estate plan, we can tailor giving plans to meet your clients’ particular needs.

Q: Why work with the Delta Community Foundation?

A: We offer expert knowledge about our community, so we can help your clients be as effective as possible in their giving. Whatever their interest – children and youth, arts and culture, education, food security, environment and more – we can ensure the gift always makes a difference.

Q: What is the lasting benefit?

A: We help you connect across generations. When you help families establish a Donor-Advised Fund with us,  they can stay involved for generations.

Q: How does donating securities provide tax benefits?

A: Direct donations of publicly listed securities to a registered charity are exempt from capital gains tax on gains triggered by the gift.

Q: When does it make sense to gift securities?

A: You only benefit from this tax measure if you gift shares that have an accrued capital gain. If your shares have not increased in value since you purchased them, you will still get a charitable donation receipt for the value of the shares, but it would be no different than donating cash.

Q: If I donate securities, how will my taxes be reduced?

A: Let’s assume you wish to make a charitable gift of $5,000 on shares that have made a capital gain of $4,000.

Let’s compare the cost of the donation to you in two scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: You sell the shares and donate $5,000 in cash.
  • Scenario 2: You donate the shares directly to the charity.

Assuming your marginal tax rate is 53.5% (this is the top tax rate for a B.C. resident in 2022), you would have to pay the following capital gains tax:

Tax on capital gains

  • Scenario 1: Sell and donate cash: $1070 payable in capital gains tax
  • Scenario 2: Donate shares directly to the charity: $0.00 payable in capital gains tax.

You would receive an equal tax credit on both scenarios, but you pay no capital gains tax on option 2.