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Our most precious resource – the Leaders of tomorrow

Educational awards can be life changing.

Many of us hope that the future will be brighter. Our Foundation and generous donors do more than hope, they invest in the leaders of tomorrow by helping them achieve their educational goals by funding scholarships and bursaries.

Delta Community Foundation scholarships

The Delta Community Foundation works with the Delta School District to administer a scholarship and bursary program.  For more information about the scholarships available to  North and South Delta graduates through the Delta Community Foundation, students are encouraged to visit their Counsellor or Career & Post-Secondary Advisor in their school’s Career Centre for information and assistance, including how to apply. Students will also find  information on the Delta School District’s website.

Interested in establishing a scholarship or bursary?

Financial support may make all the difference to someone on their life path to achieving bigger and better things. Contact the Delta Community Foundation for more information  about creating an Endowed scholarship.

Susan and Steven Rubin Educational Scholarship Fund - Open to all High School Students in B.C.

Steven Rubin, a 32nd Degree Mason, has been involved with helping people to better themselves and their businesses.

Steven has worked with children with Special Needs, as a Block Parent and Advisor to those who needed his help.

In 2014 at the age of 66, Steven met his wife, Susan, a Retired School Teacher of 25 years. Susan was involved with the Scouting Program, Richmond Youth Orchestra and tutoring E.S.L. students. Susan, like Steven, was all about helping people especially children. Together they have established the Steven & Susan Rubin Educational Scholarship Fund.

The Scholarship Fund was created for those wishing to go to University or an Institution of Higher Learning but who may not have the “A to A-” threshold for other Scholarships. Open to those Students who have a grade average of 60 to 79% or less to qualify.

The Scholarship is given annually with an endowment of up to $1,800.00 per student. It aims to help Canadian Students and Landed Immigrants of 2 years or more, living with their parent(s) at the time of graduation and who wish to attend a Canadian or Israeli Post-Secondary Institution.

The Scholarship is open to all High School Students in B.C. who are graduating each year and going directly into a place of higher learning.

Applications must be submitted during the period from March 1st to May 1st of  the year in which you are graduating from grade 12.  Proof of (Tentative) acceptance from a place of higher learning with a course of 2 years or more and proof of marks from your grade 11 full year and marks from your grade 12 Christmas and Easter Exams must accompany your application.

To apply complete the Susan and Steven Rubin Educational Scholarship Application and email it to [email protected]m


2023 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to all 2023 Scholarship Recipients!