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Locally-based companies Evolution Fulfillment, Ape Ship, raise $30,000 in support of the Delta Community Foundation

This past Mother’s Day weekend, locally-based Evolution Fulfillment, and Ape Ship Courier & Freight, raised $60,000 to benefit the Delta Community Foundation. The Mother’s Day weekend sale was met with an outpouring of support by our local community, successfully raising $30,000 over the 3-day event. In addition to this, both Evolution Fulfillment and Ape Ship extended their generosity even further by donating $15,000 each to match the $30,000 raised through the warehouse sale, for a total donation of $60,000 to the Delta Community Foundation.

Food Bank support from the O’Keeffe family

The O’Keeffe Family Fund and Sandra O’Keeffe have donated $2,508 to the South Delta Food Bank through the Delta Foundation. The Food Bank, which has experienced increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, is one of five causes supported by the O’Keeffe family.