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A great way to spend Mother’s Day and support your local charity
Looking for something to do with Mom on Mother’s Day? Look no further than the Delta Community Foundation’s spring warehouse sale. May 12-14 will offer a great weekend of

Putting Your Affairs in Order

The Delta Community Foundation, in partnership with Eleanor Calderwood from Raymond James, and Murray Lott from Delta Law Offices, will be hosting a complementary Wills, Estate Planning, and Philanthropy Giving Seminar.

When: Thursday, December 1st  4-6pm

Where: Beach Grove Golf Course middle

Endowment fund to benefit Guide Dogs society long into the future

To generate interest on its principal to apply to a range of expenses in meeting the growing demand for professionally trained Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs and OSI/PTSD Service Dogs, Delta-based BC and Alberta Guide Dogs has established a $10,000 endowment fund through the Delta Community Foundation. Photos by Tim Fitzgerald

New endowment fund for high school scholarships

For students graduating from high school in BC and going on to a university or other post-secondary institution, Steven and Susan Rubin have established the Masonic Educational Endowment Fund through the Delta Community Foundation. The $1,800 scholarship will be open to Canadian high school students and landed immigrants, of three years or more, who wish to attend a post secondary institution in Canada or Israel.