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New season for Neighbourhood Small Grants

Now more than ever, in BC, we need to stay connected with our neighbours and community members.We want to support small-scale individual-led community projects that comply with the new social/physical distancing guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Responsive Neighbourhood Small offer grants of up to $500 to individuals or family members from the same household or for those who are interested to collaborate with neighborhoods across British Columbia to build community strength and resilience, foster community creativity and wellbeing, and tackle social isolation.

Small grants can boost Delta neighbourhoods

Delta residents who want to connect and engage with others in their neighbourhoods, just to get to know them, or to make their community a better place to live, can do something about it with a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Delta Foundation.

Based on a simple but powerful idea – that everyone is a valuable member of the community and that we all have something to share — Neighbourhood Small Grants of $50 to $500 can enable local residents to strengthen their community by bringing people together, sharing their skills and knowledge, celebrating diversity, and increasing their sense of belonging.

Back to school packs for those in need

A Neighbourhood Small Grant recipient reported: Each year, my sister and I put together backpacks filled with school supplies and donate them to our former elementary school, Hellings Elementary, in North Delta, in hopes that it can be passed on to a student in need. With the ongoing pandemic, we recognize that many families in Delta may be experiencing financial hardships during this difficult time, therefore we decided to make our Back(pack) to School initiative bigger this year and include other elementary schools in our catchment.

Last call for Neighbourhood Small Grants

There’s still time to apply for a small grant to host a neighbourhood block party, help complete a project with friends and supporters and make something happen for the good of your local community. Apply now for a Neighbourhood Small Grant. Applications are being received until August 31, 2020, for projects to be completed this Fall. The best people to effect change in a community are the ones within it. Neighbourhood Small Grants are ways Delta Foundation can build community and strengthen connections right where people live. With funding support of the Vancouver Foundation, when money becomes less of an issue in doing so, many more kinds of ideas can shine. Go to Neighbourhood Small Grants, Delta at Click on Apply Now.

Love of books among children project funded by a Neighbourhood Small Grant

Having worked with young children for over 25 years and seen how important early literacy is, Delta resident Denise Sheridan brought books to young children in her neighbourhood with her project, Neighbourhood Love for Literacy. A Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Delta Foundation made the project possible.

Near by Far Canada Day Block Party with Neighbourhood Small Grant

Since most plans were cancelled on Canada Day, one family in Ladner thought it would be nice to connect with their neighbours and have a 7 pm parade around our block, with support from the Delta Foundation with a Neighbourhood Small Grant from funds through Vancouver Foundation.

One of the organizers says, Last year our street held our 1st block party and it was a success, so with most people home we sent out invitations for our neighbours to join us on the street (at the end of our driveways) for dinner, followed by the parade and doorstep photos.

Youth suffering from substance abuse can find a virtual safe place supported through pandemic emergency funding

According to the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, 25% of Canadians aged 18-54 report their alcohol consumption has increased. This means youth are either drinking more and/or have someone close to them drinking more. In current conditions, during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, many youth are feeling isolated and alone and are unaware there are others just like them in their community.

Little House Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Society is a Delta community hub of services and resources promoting health and wellness through prevention, education, and collaboration with community stakeholders. We provide a comfortable, accessible and safe place for individual and family counselling, assessment and referral, recovery meetings, and peer-to-peer support.

With additional support of $ $10,000 in emergency funding from the Delta Foundation, the Little House “Heart of the Youth” program is providing to youth, affected by substance use disorder, an online, safe, non-judgemental space to share their thoughts and feelings, begin to heal and develop a supportive community.

Over 700 low income, unemployed and homeless people in North Delta have access to food thanks to pandemic emergency funding

For individuals and families experiencing job loss, homelessness and other financial struggles in North Delta, it has been an especially difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn. Access to food is most important for these members of the community. To relieve the stress of limited access to, and affordability of, food, and the additional stress that can lead to a rise in domestic violence, Deltassist Family and Community Services Society is substituting for the normally functioning food bank in North Delta which was forced to close during the pandemic. “Deltassist Temporary North Delta Food Bank” is now serving 708 people in North Delta in need during the pandemic by purchasing every two weeks grocery gift cards so families can purchase perishable food and receive prepackaged food bags from the Surrey Food Bank. Delta Foundation has provided $70,000 in emergency funding to the food bank.

Autism early intervention therapy for children supported through pandemic emergency funding

Children and youth with special needs and their families have received support from Reach Child and Youth Development Society (REACH) for more than 60 years in Delta, Surrey and Langley. Every year Reach provides support for 1,200 children from birth to nineteen years of age with Autism, and developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, behavioural and mental health challenges. The family-centered, individualized, and responsive approach means that families experience success
and each child is given the opportunity to reach their potential. With emergency funding of $25,805 from the Delta Foundation, the “Virtual Autism Early Intervention Therapies Program” is ensuring REACH can provide online autism-related sessions so that children continue to receive the support programs and services that they need to reach their potential. The program also sees that families are supported with the tools, materials, equipment and guidance necessary to support their child’s continued development from home where in-person services are not feasible.

Little sisters have a study buddy with a big sister thanks to pandemic emergency funding

Every day, youth in our community face challenges like bullying, isolation, poverty, social anxiety, low self-esteem, and more. Big Sisters caseworkers carefully match Little Sisters with female adult mentors who help them overcome adversities, make healthy choices, and ultimately reach their full potential. The aim is to enable life-changing mentoring relationships and ignite the power and potential of young people. “Study Buddy” is one of three, no-cost tutoring and mentoring programs of Big Sisters. It is a weekly one-to-one mentoring relationship that focuses on school work for at risk girls aged 7 to 17 years from low income families, through one hour sessions outside of school time to work on school subjects and study skills. The program is continuing to provide this valued service with $ $5,055 in emergency funding from the Delta Foundation.